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UWANT B200 Multifunctional Cloth Cleaning Machine

UWANT B200 Multifunctional Cloth Cleaning Machine

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Multi-Surface Cleaning 
UWANT B200 steam spot cleaning machine can be applied to stains and dirt on surfaces that are difficult to clean by yourself, such as sofas, cushions, mattresses, carpets, auto interiors, and more.

12KPa Powerful Suction, Deep Cleaning
UWANT B200 injects water at high pressure to dissolve stains and dirt deep down to 2.36 inches, then the high-density brush scrubs the dirt away. With 12KPa powerful suction, all the wastewater will be sucked out for deep cleaning and quick drying.

4 Cleaning Modes
There are 4 cleaning modes to meet your needs: steam mode is for sterilizing and stubborn stains; ironing mode is for de-wrinkling and steaming garments; standard cleaning mode is for light stains; and cleaning solution mode is for adding detergent and stubborn stains.

Easy Switch to Garment Steamer
With high-temperature steam, B200 can easily dissolve stubborn stains and sterilize the upholstery, making it a perfect choice for cleaning baby or pet textiles. By changing the brush, your B200 can turn into a garment steamer easily.

With patented self-cleaning technology, the brush and the hose will automatically be cleaned with water preloaded in the clean water tank. Say goodbye to bacteria breeding, bad smells, and tired maintenance at a press of a button.

200ml Cleaning Solution Tank
A 200ml cleaning solution container automatically mixes detergent with water, improving cleaning efficiency.

Large Cleaning Area
4m power cord and 1.5m hose guarantee up to an 18sqm cleaning area, covering larger cleaning areas. With universal wheels attached, you can move B200 spot cleaner to every place with ease.